Charlotta Lövgren



Positive, social and curious. Open for new experiences. Emotional, but still tough.

Introvert meets extrovert. Chameleon. Love adventures. Musical and creative.


Grew up on the countryside of Sweden, Dalarna, with an active lifestyle.

Then been living in Stockholm developing in acting, fashion and music.

Nature meets urban.

Also, lived two years in LA 2015-2017, then back to Sweden again.

Recently graduated from the advanced course The Augmented Actor: Acting for Stage and Screen 1+2 at Stockholm University of the Arts; a one year education ending in June 2020.

Now, in Budapest - available internationally.


Love to meet new people, travel and work with new interesting projects world wide!


Please contact me for more info and inquiries!


Main Dancer in Music Video for FOMO feat Chaka Khan, Taka Boom and Mark Stevens, DJ Sneak Remix. Producers: Jamie Petrie and Mark Bell.

Main Actress in Commercial for Diskrimineringsombudsmannen in clip at

construction site; see 2.19.

Production: Bond Street Film. Producer: Fredrik Larsson. 

Actress in Worldwide Commercial for Somersby Cider, Crocket Scene.

Director: Oskar Bård. Production: Hobby Film.

Dancer in Music Video for Joe Marson´s No Retreat. 

Actress (The Impossible) and Music

in project for Quarantine Festival.

Production: Matthew Allen and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Model for Artist Pernilla Zetterman.

Actress and Model in Video for Schwarzkopf.

Video Director: Albin Karlén. Production: Mud Studios.

Side Role in Commercial God Lur Comviq.

Production: New Land Film.

Actress in Music Video for Cantoreggi.

Production: TGR Music Group.

Main Actress and Dancer in Music Video

for OoliviloO and Kumonoue.

Producer: Jun Bae. 

Actress in Måste Gitt - Serien at SVT

as Kindergarten Teacher.

Directors: Abbe Hassan/Ivica Zubak.

Producer: Hedvig Lundgren.

Main Actress in Music Video for Äventyret, Dalapop. Producer and Director: Linnea Elin Thorslund. 

Main Actress as Zombified Wife in Music Video

for Audrio.

Director: Jesper Eriksson. Production: 7evels.

Side Role as Warrior Hubot in Real Humans 2, SVT.

Actress in Commercial for ZYN.

Director: Simon Gustafsson/Camp David Film.

Main Actress in Music Video for Silky Sharks.

Producer: Ashlee Christman.

Main Model for Combined X.

AD: Axel Isberg. Photo: Ola Bergengren.

Agency: Sylvie AB. Agent: Agent Molly.

Actress in Music Video for Human Desolation.

Producer and Director: Ashlee Christman.